MBA Scholarship Essay Editing Service (1 School)

Most applicants hesitate to ask for more fellowship fund as they are wary whether the process of requesting for the additional fund would jeopardize their admission chances.

This is further from the truth

Before you quote a random number as a fellowship/scholarship fund, develop a plan on what you would ask based on your current financial position.

List out

1. Personal Savings
2. Family Fund
3. Total Cost of the MBA program

List the precise amount that you would need (Subtract 3 from 2 & 1)
Now add 10% to the amount and set it as the target amount

If the Financial Aid team has accepted your request to reconsider the fellowship fund, it is time to list traits that would help you stand out.

Even if you are writing the initial reconsideration email, our service will help you write a persuasive email.

Included in F1GMAT's MBA Scholarship Essay Editing service:

1) We will help you write a persuasive reconsideration email (if you have not been officially asked to fill out the MBA Scholarship/Fellowship essay)

2) Once you are asked to fill out the scholarship essay, we will help you shortlist the most relevant personality traits and experiences for the scholarship

3) Our expert guidance would help you eliminate repetitive phrases or unnecessary narratives and requests, that are the most common reasons for scholarship denial.

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