Terms and Conditions - MBA Scholarship Essay Editing Service

This agreement will term 'F1GMAT's MBA Scholarship Essay Editing Service' as 'F1GMAT' and any paid customer as 'Client'. When you buy the service from F1GMAT, you agree to accept the terms and conditions mentioned below:

1. No Warranty: The role of F1GMAT is to guide the Client but it is the responsibility of the Client to brainstorm, write and revise the essays to meet the conditions for MBA Scholarship Application. F1GMAT does not guarantee scholarship for any school.

2. No Refund: F1GMAT will not issue any refunds for the scholarship application editing service.

3.Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: The Client agrees to keep all information and strategies discussed with F1GMAT confidential including but not limited to, essays, recommendation letters, scholarship application, and specific admission tips, except with regard to completing the Client's application.