F1GMAT Store Privacy Policy

The privacy of our visitors to https://www.store.f1gmat.com is important to us.

F1GMAT Collects:

1. Characteristics of your client system such as: IP address, browser type, system language, OS version, time zone and screen resolution metrics.

 The web pages that you visit in a specific website and the URLs of the web pages that referred you to that website.

 Any mouse movements, mouse clicks, scroll actions and keystrokes on the visited webpages will be analyzed and used to improve user experience.

Any information you enter and submit to us that include personal information (such as, but not limited to, name, address or contact information) will be collected and stored for tracking the order history.

 Session information stored in cookies that are used to ensure accurate data is extracted from our systems. These cookies are 1st party cookies (cookie data cannot be shared across websites) and do not include any personal data.

F1GMAT Do not:

1. Collect any information about websites which you have opened in your browser.

2. Collect any information about other programs that you are running on your computer.

3. Do NOT assign a global unique identifier to you.

4. Do NOT collect any passwords(in clear text format) that you enter in our website.

We may use your information: 

1) For web surfing analysis and statistical reports. 

2) For auditing and research.

3) We may share information with third parties in limited circumstances, including, without limitation, when complying with legal requirements, preventing fraud or imminent harm, and ensuring the security of our network and services. 

4) When you send email or other communication to F1GMAT, we may retain those communications in order to process or respond to your requests.

5) Please do not send us any communication which contains confidential information. Since we are not able to evaluate whether such communication contains confidential information or not, we may retain or use such confidential information as aforesaid and such retention or use shall not be deemed as a breach of any of our obligations herein.

6) To support third party advertisements on www.f1gmat.com to support our site.  Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web beacons when they advertise on our site, which will also send these advertisers information including your IP address, your ISP , the browser you used to visit our site, and in some cases, whether you have Flash installed.  This is generally used for geo-targeting purposes or showing certain ads based on specific sites visited (such as showing cooking ads to someone who frequents cooking sites).

Policy Modifications

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. When F1GMAT Store makes changes to this Privacy Policy, updated version will be posted on this page. We encourage you to visit this page periodically.