Yale MBA Application (All in One Service)

Known as a Finance school, Yale breaks the stereotype with a 37.2% placement in the consulting industry. The school has not forgotten its roots, with 50% of the Finance professionals gaining lucrative compensation in Investment banking, numbers only Stanford could match.

Attracting diverse applicants is a strength and a curse.

Strength – a larger pool of Finance and Consulting profiles.

Curse – weeding out the strong from the promising to the ‘hidden gems’ require finding a question that forces the applicant to search for an authentic ‘mission’ statement.

Q) Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

The unusual question can be framed in hundreds of ways.

Yale SOM is among the few schools in the world that understand that to lead, you must know the perspective of all stakeholders.

Yale SOM accepts applicants who are:

1) Driven by a mission larger than their personal ambitions

2) Open to examining their leadership style and rigorously pursue self-improvement

3) Motivated by data-driven decision making as well as comfortable with finding insights from complex and incomplete data

4) Comfortable with a diverse perspective and reaching consensus

To demonstrate the four traits with an open-ended question like the biggest commitment, you must try at least a couple of versions.

Our Yale All-In-One MBA Application service will ensure that you and the recommenders complement the traits through interesting narratives.

Included in F1GMAT’s Yale MBA All-In-One Service

1) Resume Editing

2) Recommendation Letter Editing
3) Essay Editing and Application help
4) Narrative and Strategic Guidance
5) Interview preparation

We will iteratively edit in such a way that your authentic self and your recommender’s voice is not lost at the end of the process.

Reviews – F1GMAT’s Yale All-In-One Service (Atul Jose – MBA Admissions Consultant, F1GMAT)

“The question literally stumped me for a week. After scribbling random thoughts on the positions I had taken in my life and career, I approached Atul Jose from F1GMAT. His deliberate questioning style and ability to bring the most relevant examples helped me create a narrative that connected with the admission team” – 2020 Entering Class, Yale MBA Accepted Candidate

“I started the draft with examples of my time at Marine Corps. The brainstorming with Atul brought into the essays my outlooks and personality traits that were not expected of someone from my background. The careful examination of examples and iterative editing helped us find an authentic narrative that captured who I am” – 2020 Entering Class, Yale MBA Accepted Candidate

“I am an aspiring Entrepreneur who found Yale’s Integrated curriculum to be the best preparation for the complexity of a fast-paced global market. While communicating my drive for entrepreneurship in the essay, I couldn’t encapsulate who I was and the biggest commitment I made. An event from childhood that Atul brought out from me became the opener that completed the missing piece for my story” – 2020 Entering Class, Yale MBA Accepted Candidate
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