Why Canada: A Complete Career Guide for MBA Applicants

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To make it easier for you, we have ranked 8 Top Business Schools.

Our analysis summarizes the curriculum for the Full-time MBA program, dives into the class composition, and evaluates the post-MBA opportunities available at each school including the list of top Employers.

We have done extensive analysis of the top industries with short-term growth projections in Oil & Gas, Media, Technology, Finance, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Life Science, Energy, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Construction, and Healthcare industry for each province.

The Book analyzes all the ten provinces:

1. Alberta
2. British Columbia
3. Manitoba
4. New Brunswick
5. Newfoundland and Labrador
6. Nova Scotia
7. Ontario
8. Prince Edward Island
9. Quebec
10. Saskatchewan

At the end of the analysis for each province, we summarize what MBAs can expect with the 'Verdict' section. The insight is useful for your career not just for selecting Business Schools but also to choose a post-MBA location.

Bonus: The biggest thrill for releasing the Book is the satisfaction that we have covered all the funding details (scholarships, loans, and other financial assistance) for the top 8 Business Schools in Canada.

For Citizens and Permanent Residents, we have also covered Government funds offered for the MBA program

You don't have to read through hundreds of forum posts or spend hours Googling through scholarship and loan pages. We have summarized the funding with Name, Amount, Number of Awards and most importantly the criteria for selection.

For International students, we have an exhaustive list of external scholarships categorized based on nationality.


"This book is a compilation of the most useful and informative analysis, research and data for anyone looking to move to Canada for their MBA. Beyond the pragmatic nature of the information in the book, the author also goes deep on the historic, cultural and economic motivations of each province. At its root, the book is an expression of why International applicants should look beyond the United States if they want to widen their search for the best MBA program." - Verified Purchase (Dec 8th 2017)

"The book challenges to think beyond rankings and PR. But the author does so with a systematic influx of industry analysis of each province to make a case as to why selecting an MBA from Ontario might not be the best option for everyone. I found myself questioning the popular opinion with each page, and my general attitude towards MBA has changed from neutral to positive. The book starts with the table that illustrates why an MBA now is most useful for anyone in Finance, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Economics and Accounting. " - Verified Purchase (Dec 20th 2017)

"I bought Why Canada and kept reading few pages a week. Its like I was averaging four pages a day. I am really glad I took such a long time to read this gem. Books like this come by rarely and every applicant interested in Canadian MBA programs should read them slowly. This is the kind of the book, whose knowledge if applied, could give them a clear career advantage. "
- Verified Purchase (Dec 25th 2017)