Stanford MBA Application (All in One Service)

The consistent $190,000 to $200,000 plus post-MBA salary for candidates entering Finance and Consulting is a unique value proposition that only Stanford could provide. Even Harvard could not match the compensation and year on year salary growth. The half a million salary that a Stanford MBA graduate earned is the highest post-MBA salary for 2019.

The selective admission process and close to 15% of the 2019 graduating class starting a venture immediately on graduation captures Stanford’s focus on accepting a diverse mix of candidates with the character, maturity, and entrepreneurial mindset to claim the future of our society.

Stanford accepts applicants who are:

1) Extroverted to reach out cross-functionally and across the hierarchy

2) Agreeable to build trust and reach consensus
3) Conscientious in planning, execution and resolving functional, and interpersonal problems
4) Emotionally stable to not get carried away by setbacks or success or conflicts that are inherent in a diverse team
5) Openness to question not just others but own assumptions

To demonstrate the five traits, you must plan carefully while creating narratives for Essay A:

What matters most to you, and why? (750 Words)

To match the ‘Why Stanford’ essay with your story, capture the traits subtly and understand the post-MBA trends at Stanford

Our Stanford All-In-One MBA Application service will ensure that you and the recommenders complement the traits through interesting narratives.

Included in F1GMAT’s Stanford All-In-One Service

1) Resume Editing

2) Recommendation Letter Editing
3) Essay Editing and Application help
4) Narrative and Strategic Guidance
5) Interview preparation

We will iteratively edit in such a way that your authentic self and your recommender’s voice is not lost at the end of the process.

Reviews – F1GMAT’s Stanford All-In-One Service (Atul Jose – MBA Admissions Consultant, F1GMAT)

“A brilliant storyteller, who nudges and guides you to bring the most authentic self to the admission team without losing relevance” – 2020 Entering Class, Stanford MBA Accepted Candidate

 “I couldn’t navigate the traits that Stanford favoured without being too melodramatic. Atul’s clear direction and editing, helped me find a narrative that was interesting and cut through the application pile” - 2020 Entering Class, Stanford MBA Accepted Candidate

 “Even though not Entrepreneurial like many Stanford MBA graduates, I could share my approach of testing, tweaking, and pitching into the essays. It all started with the brainstorming session with Atul. He has a talent of extracting the most thoughtful and unique thread of your story from the many hyped and routine professional achievements” - 2020 Entering Class, Stanford MBA Accepted Candidate.
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