MIT Sloan MBA Application (All in One Service)

MIT Sloan pride itself as the university that accepts the most innovative and inventive applicants.

In a world where the word IMPACT is used without sincere intent, Sloan MBA looks closely at your achievements to measure the impact that you had on your team, organization, society, and the world.

The School has a clear bias in favor of:

a) Entrepreneurial Applicants (experience working in a start-up, founding companies, investing in start-ups, or starting a non-profit)

b) Applicants who work in the Technology industry or with goals to enter the Technology, Finance and Consulting industry – in that order

c) The Typical applicant (above average GMAT and GPA) with the X factor

d) The X factor is defined by your extra-curricular, volunteering, inventiveness (patents), and unique skills at ‘getting things done’

The admission team knows that previous success determines the applicant’s post-MBA goals.

Would the MIT Sloan MBA admission team find your goals worth investing in?

With F1GMAT’s MIT Sloan All in One Service, we will help you:

1) Shortlist the most impactful achievements for your resume (we share the template for the IMPACT table that you must fill to summarize the most relevant achievements)

2) Brainstorm and capture the essence of the achievement (what you did, the IMPACT – both strategic and immediate in numbers, and the experience you gained)

3) Convert the achievements into easy to read entries in the resume (memorable action verbs with clearly defined impact)

4) Craft an engaging cover letter that balances the formal tone with your unique achievements and selling points, while ensuring that the transitions are crisp

5) Script a memorable Video Statement, complementing the formal tone in the cover letter with your unique personality traits, extra-curricular experiences, and upbringing

6) Prepare for the Interview with a 4-hour mock interview session (typical, stress questions and questions customized for your profile)

Purchase F1GMAT’s MIT Sloan All-In-One Service, and we will help you stand out from the competition.

Reviews - MIT Sloan MBA Accepted (2020 Entering Class)

“I was a fan of F1GMAT with the purchase of the Essay Guide. The service conceptualized what Atul shared in his book with clear processes and strategies to convert even traditional responsibilities to an impact-oriented profile. ”

“You have a special insight on what works and what doesn't. I couldn't differentiate the two. You thoughtfully suggested examples that were a better match for the cover letter”

“The iterations and the attention even to the minor transitions is what made my cover letter unique. I had already recommended your service to my friends”

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