How to Choose the Best MBA in US: The Ultimate Guide

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Who Should Buy the Ultimate Guide?

If you are overwhelmed by rankings and the constant PR from Business Schools, our Ultimate Guide will help you focus on the essentials.

If you don't know which post-MBA industry has a future
, our latest data and analysis will help you shortlist the most promising sector.

If you want the latest data on post-MBA salary
(by industry and function), total cost (tuition fee, accommodation, food, administrative fee, and transportation), we have covered top 31 MBA programs in the United States to make your research easier.

If you want to go beyond the hype and find the most satisfying post-MBA job function, our ultimate guide is for you.

If you are planning to settle in the US (international applicants) or move between states (Americans), our analysis of 15 States (Massachusetts (MA), California, Texas, Washington, Washington D.C., Minnesota, North Carolina, Illinois, Connecticut, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan and New York), and the breakdown of the promising industries in each state will give you a complete framework to make the 'big' decision.

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The Ultimate Guide has the latest developments in

1.  Aerospace
2.  Agriculture
3.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)
4.  Automobile
5.  Clean Tech
6.  Education
7.  Energy
8.  Fashion
9.  Financial Services
10.  Insurance
11.  FinTech
12.  Government
13.  Healthcare
14.  Life Sciences
15.  Military
16.  Manufacturing
17.  Maritime
18.  Media/Advertising
19.  Technology
20.  Tourism
21.  Trade
22.  Transportation and Logistics
23.  Virtual Reality (VR) and
24.  Augmented Reality (AR)

Top 31 MBA Programs (Covered in Ultimate Guide)

1. Stanford Graduate School of Business
2. Harvard Business School
3. NYU Stern School of Business
4. Darden School of Business
5. Yale School of Management
6. Johnson Graduate School of Business
7. Columbia Business School
8. MIT Sloan School of Management
9. University of Chicago Booth School of Business
10. Fuqua School of Business
11. Haas School of Business
12. Wharton Business School
13. Kellogg School of Management
14. Ross School of Business
15. Tepper School of Business
16. McDonough School of Business
17. McCombs School of Business
18. Foster School of Business
19. UCLA Anderson School of Management
20. Jones Graduate School of Business
21. USC Marshall School of Business
22. UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School
23. Kelley School of Business
24. Carlson School of Management
25. Mendoza College of Business
26. BU Questrom School of Business
27. Broad College of Business
28. Smith School of Business
29. Smeal College of Business
30. UC Davis Graduate School of Business
31. Paul Merage School of Business


"I really loved this book. None of the books written by Ivey League alumni were so useful as this one. It's just amazing - so much practical information and trends in one book. I would recommend reading it at least twice - first time to get the complete picture of industries, states, and curriculum, and then to go through each MBA program and shortlist experiential learning features that you would find the most appealing. Great book!" - Verified Purchase

"I was skeptical of the use of 'ultimate guide' in the title. However, once I purchased and downloaded the ebook, I realized the book deserved the title. The book is a roadmap on states that host top MBA programs with history, industry trends and future for each region. Unlike many books on MBA programs, the specificity of the details and relevance of the data (2017) is what delivered value for me. I have recommended the book to many of my friends" -  Verified Purchase

"This is one of the rare books that shows MBA Applicants how to choose a program based on industry. Most people use rankings - US News, FT and The Economist to develop a framework for shortlisting programs. But the ultimate guide breaks all the established models and looks at programs near thriving industries - Banking, technology, Manufacturing, and Energy " - Verified Purchase

"What I liked: The breadth of the information. Some of my favorite nonfiction books have taken the same approach as the ultimate guide have - cover background information in-depth. In the book, the author uses parallel threads to demonstrate the history of the state and the rise of industries. Will make you think how schools thrive based on the policy set by the state. California's obsession with Technology has revolutionized how we do Business and changed post-MBA trends. Many MBA applicants will be consulting or doing marketing for a Technology company. That is one key finding from the book. The latest development in AI, FinTech, and Automation is an additional context that I found valuable in the book. I would recommend that you read the book at least once in chronological order before using Table of Contents." - Verified Purchase