MBA in the UK (2018) - Industry Analysis, MBA Comparison and Funding

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In F1GMAT's MBA in the UK, we analyze the top MBA programs in the UK for Class Profile, Cost, Curriculum and Post-MBA Salary.

The Book starts by evaluating the Top Industries in the United Kingdom:

1. Finance   
2. Automobile   
3. Energy   
4. Aerospace   
5. Management Consulting (MC)   
6. Technology   
7. FinTech   
8. Healthcare   
9. Retail/Luxury   
10. Manufacturing   

After the extensive analysis of each industry and its promise for an MBA candidate, we compare and contrast the top 3 MBA programs in the UK.

The third section of the book captures the Visa types and rules for MBA candidates.

The availability of scholarships and external funding influence the choice of an MBA program for most applicants.

In the fourth section of our book, we have extensively captured the scholarship details and external funding in top MBA programs.

Our scholarship summary breaks down the details of 66 scholarships into Name, Amount, Number of Awards and Criteria while for external funding, we have included Payment Conditions and Deadlines as well.

Pages: 97

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