MBA Resume Editing

The easiest step in editing your resume is formatting achievements, education, and work experience into a 1-page template with sub-heading, bullet points, and a one-line summary of your organization.

Our expertise in helping MBA Applicants
get into top MBA programs, over the past 10 years will come handy when we separate relevant from irrelevant achievements. Successes that matter in job appraisal might have limited impact in MBA Application.

F1GMAT's brainstorming sessions
will help you map achievements into personality traits - extraversion, leadership, maturity (conflict management), communication (colleagues, management, and team), persuasion (selling ideas to a team), motivating team (after failure), resource management (time, budget and skills), and openness (listening, pivoting after setback and innovation).

The Additional Information section in the resume will demonstrate your skills outside of work through volunteering, extracurricular or talents that are rare among MBA Applicants.

Included in F1GMAT's Resume Editing Service

1) Free 1-Page MBA Resume Template

2) Brainstorming sessions to list your strengths and weaknesses

3) Shortlist achievements that are relevant for MBA Admissions

4) Map Achievements to Personality Traits

5) Use diverse, active verbs to highlight your achievement

6) Strategically place achievements at pivotal sections of the resume to improve recall

7) Review the resume for grammatical errors, tonal inconsistencies, and format (1-page)