Essay Review + Resume Editing

If you are stuck in the Essay Writing process and need a big leap in the right direction, our Essay Review Service is for you.

With the Essay Review Service, we will review your essays for:

1) Impact (By helping you shortlist the most impactful life events)
2) Transformation (By helping you find the transformation in the story arc. Stories that remain in the Essay Reviewer's mind has a strong transformational element to the narrative)
3) Grammatical Mistakes
4) Spelling Errors
5) Punctuation
6) Wrong usage of words (their vs. there, where vs. were etc.)
7) Structural Inconsistencies (repetition of words, phrases, excessive usage of transition words, wrong pairing of words, etc.)
8) Unnecessary adjectives and adverbs
9) Tonal consistency (Formal vs. Informal vs. Formal for statements & Informal for narrative)

Our recommendation will include steps to:

1) Make the narrative interesting by using W-Patterns
2) Group Paragraphs on Ideas and Narratives
3) Re-Structure the Essay to include the beginning, the middle, and the end
4) Improve the flow of the narrative

Included in Essay Review Service:

1) Life Audit (includes shortlisting Strengths and Weaknesses)
2) Resume Editing
3) Shortlisting relevant life stories
4) Creating interesting narratives
5) Line by Line Critique of the Essay
6) Editing to fit the word limit
7) Final Review
8) Unlimited Edits until you are happy

9) Clear recommendations to improve the narrative

How to use our Service

After you purchase the $1495 Essay Review Service, send us an email at with:

1) The copy of the invoice
2) A copy of your resume and

3) Essays for review

Note: The Service is for 1 MBA Program.

If you have three essays for the same MBA program, all of them will be covered under the same $1495 package.

For Questions on our service, email us at Atul Jose ( or Skype (F1GMAT)


"What I like the most about Atul's Editing is his willingness to listen and consider my words before suggesting alternatives. Most consultants give recommendations with no room for debates. The crazy hours he puts to make the essay perfect is another quality that makes F1GMAT different. I went back and forth with him for nine versions of the Stanford Essay. I didn't pay anything extra for the additional edits. Highly recommend the review service. Ask for the 3 school bundle service" - Stanford and MIT Accepted (Stanford MBA Candidate)

"The extensive evaluation of my profile along with intense debate on the possible career paths made discussions with Atul an enlightening experience. He knows what he is saying and uses data to support the case. The Q&A for the impact table is another part of the service that opened my eyes to a couple of career paths. But the most useful service is the editing. After writing and self-editing the Wharton MBA essay, I couldn't shorten the length. Atul cut the words without losing the storytelling qualities of my essay. Before purchasing the service, I had purchased Winning MBA Essay Guide. It made the discussions on essay editing easier as he had already shared most of the essay writing strategies and storytelling tips in the book" (Wharton MBA Candidate)

"The resume editing as part of the essay review service helped me take a step back from my profile. The pointed questions on my career, the validity of the data included in the resume and the template, helped me shortlist the most relevant experiences for the essay. Then it was all about capturing the most engaging story. Atul is a gifted storyteller. I didn't think that my essay can be transformed into an interesting story. But he did. I endorse his service and his book. Winning MBA Essay Guide is a companion book for anyone planning to get into a top program." (Insead MBA Candidate)

"Atul can be firm and at the same time patient with the editing process. I found the process nurturing and non-egoistic. He gives you complete freedom to capture your thoughts in the first draft. Afterward, he slowly cuts off the fluff and creates a clear story arc. It is an unique experience to see him play with words." (NYU Stern MBA Candidate)

"The Responsiveness of F1GMAT's Editing and general communication is what encouraged me to purchase the review service. Atul always responds within 12 hours to general queries and within 3-5 hours for Editing. I found the IMPACT table and the color coded comments to be efficient methods for the review service" - Columbia & Booth Accepted (Chicago Booth MBA Candidate)
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