MBA Application Essay Editing (1 MBA Essay) (Free Resume Editing)

If you have finalized the narrative for the Essays, considered your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and analyzed the MBA Curriculum, but need the final touches, our Essay Editing Service is ideal for you.

With the Essay Editing Service, we will evaluate your essays for:

1) Grammatical Mistakes
2) Spelling Errors
3) Punctuation
4) Wrong usage of words (their vs. there, where vs. were etc.)
5) Structural Inconsistencies (repetition of words, phrases, excessive usage of transition words, wrong pairing of words, etc.)
6) Unnecessary adjectives and adverbs
7) Tonal consistency (Formal vs. Informal vs. Formal for statements & Informal for narrative)

Most Importantly - we will maintain your original voice throughout the Essay

Our recommendation will include steps to

1) Group Paragraphs on Ideas and Narratives
2) Re-Structure the Essay to include the beginning, the middle, and the end
3) Improve the flow of the narrative

Bonus Free Service: Resume Editing Service

Included in Resume Editing Service

1) Brainstorming sessions to list strengths and weaknesses

2) Shortlist achievements that are relevant for MBA Admissions

3) Use diverse active verbs to highlight achievements

4) Strategically place achievements at pivotal sections of the resume to improve recall

5) Map Achievements to Personality Traits

6) Review the resume for grammatical errors, tonal inconsistencies, and format (1-page)

7) Free 1-Page MBA Resume Template

How to use our Service

After you purchase the $850 Essay Editing Service, send us an email at with:

1) The copy of the invoice
2) A copy of your resume and
3) 1 Essay for editing

Note: The Service is for 1 Essay

If you have two or more essays for the same MBA program, request for additional services or purchase our Essay Review Service

For Questions on our service, email us at