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Over the past nine years, I have guided thousands of MBA Applicants with articles in, our books and through one on one consultation. 

Tips on asking Questions

1) This is a free consultation form.
We get thousands of questions and I reply to all of them. As a courtesy to other readers, ask only one 'question'

2) Avoid asking generic questions
about Entry Criteria or Cost or Accreditation.

Read the following:

         Cost: How Much Does A Top 20 MBA Cost (Tuition Fee)
         How much does a top European MBA Program cost (Total Cost)
         How much does a UK MBA Program cost
         Entry Criteria: Top 60 MBA (GPA and GMAT)
         Accreditation: Top 100 Accredited MBA programs

3) Ask Questions that require some nuanced explanation or would need our expertise in analyzing a trend or evaluating your career progression

Good Questions Examples:

a) How good are the opportunities for Strategy Consulting in France compared to the US?

b) Which MBA program is ideal for developing hands-on experience in Operations?

c) I have a gap year - pursued Entrepreneurship that didn't work out. What should be my strategy for Stanford MBA?

d) I have a low GPA but my GMAT score is 760. Do I have to take any particular courses to compensate my low scores in Statistics?

e) I am from a highly competitive application pool - Indian IT Applicant with 4+ years of experience. But I have an excellent career progression and demonstrable contribution in my local community (2 NGOs -
continous involvement. One on rehabilitating street children. Another building awareness on fitness). Which schools would be ideal for earning a $20,000+ scholarship? What should be my strategy to earn a scholarship?

f) I am a women applicant working in the hospitality industry. With responsibilities of managing a global brand and a team of 5, I have reached a stage in my career that requires broadening my skills beyond the function. What are the opportunities for a consulting career in the hospitality industry and associated industries (luxury and retail)?

Expect follow-up question. Our follow-up questions will reveal something unique about your profile. Engage and answer them. You will get a new perspective on your strengths and weaknesses

5) If you find our advice useful, subscribe to one of our services (Basic Profile Evaluation or Detailed Profile Evaluation or Essay Editing or Essay Review Service) or Read our extensive analysis (Comprehensive Research Guide - Top Global MBA Programs including US programs or Ultimate Guide - Top US MBA Programs and Industry Analysis)

Looking forward to the question.

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