2020 MBA Admission Interview Guide

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The Guide offers detailed examples and strategies to answer about yourself, career summary, innovation, frequent job switch, managing change, ethical dilemma, made mistake, contribution for the school, handling conflict, the greatest accomplishment, low grades, difficult boss, backup plan, industry, role and gives you tips on managing first impression, improve likeability and lists the questions that you should ask the MBA Admission interviewer.

Who Should Buy MBA Admission Interview Guide?

If you are nervous and don't know where to start, our Interview Guide will show you how to prepare for the most common questions asked in top MBA programs.

If you don't know how to leave a lasting first impression, we have shared some unique strategies that will give you a 'Winning' edge.

If you feel that you are bad at small talk
, we have some talking points that you can use

If you want to learn about the common questions asked in top MBA programs, we have the list for Chicago Booth, Columbia, Kellogg, Stanford, MIT Sloan, Wharton, London Business School, Ivey, Cornell Johnson, and INSEAD.

If you don't know how to answer the tough questions - getting fired, backup plan, greatest accomplishment, low grade or difficult boss, we have covered them all in our Interview Guide.

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Last Updated: 13th Feb 2020

The Guide includes commonly asked MBA Admission Interview Questions for:

1) Booth School of Business
2) Columbia Business School
3) Ivey Business School
4) Johnson Graduate School of Management
5) Insead
6) Kellogg School of Management
7) Stanford Graduate School of Business
8) London Business School
9) Harvard Business School
10) MIT Sloan School of Management
11) Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Team Discussion Strategy + Interview Tips)


1. Importance of MBA Admission Interview   

2. How to do Gap Analysis for MBA Admission Interview Preparation?   
3. 5 Conversation Plan for MBA Admission Interview   
4. Focus on the Interaction   
5. How can you control First Impression in MBA Admission Interview   
6. How to improve likeability in MBA Admissions Interview   
7. Avoid these 4 Handshakes   
8. How to highlight Personal, Cultural, and Academic Dimensions of your personality   
9. What motivates an Interviewer?   
10. How to Fine Tune your answers according to MBA Admission Interviewer's Personality Type   
11. How to answer the “Tell us about yourself” introductory question?   
12. How to answer Walk me through your resume?   
13. 5 Follow-up questions to expect   

14. What is the greatest accomplishment in your professional career?
15. What is your leadership style?   
16. How would you contribute at the School Community

17. What is the most difficult obstacle you overcame?   
18. Are you a Creative Person?   
19. How do you define Success?   
20. How to answer about Innovative Solutions?   
21. Answering Frequent Job Switch   

22. How did you Handle Conflict?
23. How did you manage Change?   
24. Give an Example of an Ethical Dilemma you faced. How did you handle it?   
25. Answering Greatest Accomplishment
26. How did you Handle a Difficult Boss?   
27.Tell me a time when you made a Mistake. What did you learn from it?

28. How to summarize your Career?   
29. How to explain low grades?   
30. How to answer Scenario Questions?   
31. How to answer the Backup Plan Question   

32. How to discuss about Industry Experience & your Role?   
33. Why Consulting/Finance/Marketing/General Management/Product Management (if you are a career switcher)   
  • Why Consulting   
  • Why Finance   
  • Why Marketing   
  • Why General Management   
  • Why Product Management   

34. Which is the last book you read? What did you think of it?   

35. What Questions should you ask the AdCom after an MBA Admissions Interview?   

36. 7 Things to Consider for Skype MBA Admission Interviews   
37. 5 Must Read MBA Admission Telephonic Interview Tips   


"Since MIT and many other Top Business Schools have put a lot of emphasis on behavioral questions, it is important to know what messages you want to convey with each question. F1GMAT’s Interview Guide gave me a clear framework to discuss questions related to conflict management, failure, achievements and goals. The guide also covers etiquette and proper body language." - India (Accepted to MIT Sloan MBA)

"MBA Admission Interview guide should be in your required reading list for admissions and job search. Fundamentally, this book is an encyclopedia of how to persuade the alumni or the gate keeper, during an interview. The nuanced observation of how Business Schools decide and how to position oneself to leave a great first impression is refreshingly insightful. Let's be clear, this is not a book that you read and move on. You have to go back - again and again, to internalize the techniques. So much wisdom!" - South Africa (Accepted to Stanford MBA with scholarship)

"Having failed to clear two interviews, I finally purchased F1GMAT's MBA Admission interview guide. The common mistakes mentioned in the book resonated with my experience. It is an enjoyable read, but to get  most of this book, you have to read the following chapters, at least twice:

How to do Gap Analysis for MBA Admission Interview Preparation?  
Focus on the Interaction  
How can you control First Impression in MBA Admission Interview  
How to improve likeability in MBA Admissions Interview
How to answer the Backup Plan Question  

I have used F1GMAT's Essay Review Service for two schools. The interview guide is a special book. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to cross the final hurdle. " - China (Accepted to Harvard MBA with Scholarship)

"I'm a Software Engineer by trade. The international nature of my profession has taken me to three different countries. As a result, I've had my fair share of interviews, but when I was shortlisted for a Skype interview, I was in a situation that I had never been - no in-person connection to leave a first impression. F1GMAT's Interview Guide describes how to present yourself in a positive way and brings strategies to take charge of the conversation. I learned to apply the tips, one by one, in the actual interview. You'll find extra tips on how to dress, and groom (even if it is a skype interview), and set up the room (for lighting and sound). There is also a list of commonly asked questions for 11 Business Schools. " - Vietnam (Accepted to Kellogg MBA)

"This is the book for anyone who is nervous about upcoming MBA Admission interview. It deals with the entire process, from researching the interviewer, getting used to the venue, influencing the interviewer with the first impression, answering just enough to facilitate questions that favor your strengths, and practical tips on managing nerves.

The strategy to approach the Wharton TBD as a solution provider helped me see TBD as an opportunity to work my creative mind" - USA (Accepted to Wharton MBA)