Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide

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There is one common trend among all GMAT 700+ test takers - most of them get a perfect score for the Reading Comprehension section.

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GMAT Reading Comprehension does not require you to comprehend every sentence.

You won’t score the perfect score if:

• You overhear what you read in your mind
• You go back to the passages unnecessarily
• You are too distracted to capture the author’s intention
• You keep staring at the timer
• You think beyond the scope of the text
• You overanalyse the author’s argument

The real secret is in note taking

Once you capture the essence of the passage, it becomes easier to eliminate out of scope answer choices. F1GMAT’s Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide will show you how. We analyze the wrong answer choices in detail, allowing you to learn all the tricks used by test creators to distract you.

After you read F1GMAT’s Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide, you will:

1. Complete GMAT RC Questions in less than 1 minute and 50 seconds
2. Read Faster
3. Take Notes Effectively
4. Collect and Interpret Facts
5. Speed up Summary Creation
6. Remember Information
7. Question the Author   
8. Learn to answer GMAT Reading Comprehension Title question   
9. Learn to Solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Main Idea Question   
10.Learn to Solve GMAT Reading comprehension inference question   
11. Learn to Solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Detail Questions   
12. Learn to Organize passage in GMAT Reading Comprehension   
13. Learn to Identify style/tone or attitude of the author
14. Learn to Improve GMAT Reading Comprehension Score

Download F1GMAT’s Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide.

Pages: 83

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"Although reading the daily news was easy for me, GMAT was the first time, I had to learn to grasp the passage in under two minutes. I took reading skills for granted and soon realized that GMAT Reading Comprehension was not easy. While researching about shortcut techniques, I reached F1GMAT's article on note taking. I liked what the author was recommending. The RC Guide was the next step. F1GMAT's Essential GMAT RC guide taught me to read passages faster and prepare notes by eliminating all distractions. The one paragraph at a time and a heightened awareness about out of scope answer choices demonstrated in the book changed my outlook towards RC questions. " - Verified Purchase

"Hands down the best GMAT RC book. I studied with Official GMAT Guide and F1GMAT's Essential GMAT RC and in just 5 weeks, began scoring pretty well in the mock tests. I topped my previous score by around 10 points. Some tips to use the book: Read the book in one sitting, next read in groups of 2 chapters and take tests only for the topics in the chapters. Repeat this 2-chapter strategy for all the topics and your scores will improve." - Verified Purchase

"Helped me dominate GMAT Reading Comprehension. RC was certainly not the most interesting part of GMAT. I enjoyed Critical Reasoning and saw RC as a necessary evil. What started as an accidental exploration on alternative GMAT prep books, took me to F1GMAT when I seriously began my preparation. There aren't many true great RC guides. The official guide is alright. But, F1GMAT's book helped me separate arguments, facts and opinions - a mindset that would take some getting used to. Note taking helped, but more specifically, reading with the goal of finding gaps in the author's argument improved my comprehension. There are hundreds of such tips in the guide. The strategies are unique and easy to apply." - Verified Purchase