Career Planning and MBA Profile Evaluation Service

Starting with your GMAT and GPA, and shortlisting schools based on the score is an exercise that anyone can do.

If that is what you want, our service is not for you. However, if you truly believe that your current job function or industry has led you on a path of boredom or misery, an MBA will broaden your options in the job market.

Now ask yourself – what are the core skills that would help me succeed in Business Development, Consulting, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Sales, Product Management, Investment Banking, Operations or Leadership Development.

You don’t have to guess.

As part of our career planning and profile evaluation service, we formulate the questions that will lead you to the answer.

Our experience in formulating post-MBA goals based on the applicant’s career, motivation and interests in the Essay Review Service, has led to a significant success rate for all our clients (chosen to at least one of their top 5 schools). Clients have credited the brainstorming session as vital in understanding their true interest.

Many, who were adamant on entering Investment Banking, found a better match in Product Development, while the extraverted applicant destined to be in Marketing found new interest in Finance. The switch is incredible to watch when the questions lead them to a career they love.

Who Should Buy Career Planning and Profile Evaluation Service?

If you are lost in the sea of post-MBA industries, our service will show you, with data and trends, on the most promising industries for 2020 and beyond.

If you are not sure if the post-MBA job function does justice to your core skills, our questionnaires will reveal the answer

If you feel that the schools shortlisted might not lead you to a role that you prefer, our brainstorming and trends analysis will challenge pr confirm your gut feeling.

Cost: $499

Included in F1GMAT’s Career Planning and Profile Evaluation Service

1) A comprehensive evaluation of your interest, passion and competence

2) Trend analysis and research data for evaluating your post-MBA industry and function
3) Over 50 questions that would lead you to the ideal post-MBA industry, function and city
4) Analysis of transcripts to find hidden strengths
5) Analysis of your career to find weaknesses that could hinder progress in the chosen post-MBA job function and industry
6) Shortlist 5-7 schools that match your profile

Why should I trust F1GMAT’s Career Planning and Profile Evaluation Service?

We didn’t start the service until we had extensively researched about top MBA programs. The trends, analysis and promise of the industries were evaluated and captured in our Comprehensive MBA Research Guide (Top Global MBA programs), Ultimate Guide (Top US MBA programs and industries) and Why Canada (Top Canadian schools) books.

The comprehensive 9-year curriculum analysis and research gave us a bird’s eye view of the schools that keep its curriculum current and the ones that wing it without much iterative improvement. The ranking is just one data. The devil is in the details.

The insights that we gained would help you choose schools not just by ranking data but on recruiter perception, mobility, curriculum, and potential for a career transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many questions are included as part of the service?

Based on our previous engagements, at least 50 questions are required to learn about an applicant’s career and life journey. Our service questions follow an iterative questioning technique where we start with your pre-MBA experience, qualification, extra-curricular and passions. Since this might be your last chance to pivot into a career you love without losing earning potential, our goal is to find the intersection of your competence and passion.

The results might surprise you as the ideal post-MBA job function and industry might not be as predictable as you might have imagined.

2) Would the service be offered over the phone or through email?

Most of the interactions would be through email, but we prefer an initial phone conversation as we have found it be valuable in evaluating the applicant’s worries, hope and passion. Without understanding the underlying emotions in the answers, consultants second-guess. We don’t want to do that. Expect us to call you whenever we feel that you are stuck in the process and need a phone conversation to reach a step closer to the answer.

3) Who should I contact for any questions about the service?

You can contact Atul Jose (Editor/MBA Admissions Consultant) at or call us at USA (Ph): +1 415-800-3806/India (Ph): +91 9497189032 or Skype us at F1GMAT.

4) What happens after I purchase the service?

After the purchase is confirmed through our payment partner – 2Checkout, we would send an email and fix a time for an initial conversation. Before starting the conversation, you can send the latest resume to