Basic Profile Evaluation Service

A GMAT Score, GPA, and your background information are not enough to measure your true worth.

A detailed analysis of your pre-MBA experience, your scores (GMAT, GPA), and your motivations, but most importantly your post-MBA goals determines your chances to get into that dream school.

It is tempting to ask for the "Free Advice" and assume that the consultant who hangs around "Forums" have considered the repercussion of the advice before publishing them on public platforms.

Trust us. We have seen many applicants go from one consultant to another asking for Free evaluation before considering us.

The initial evaluation is easy. It is about matching your scores with the entry criteria for the MBA program.

The true 'aha' moment happens when we discuss and debate over your career progression, motivation, post-MBA goals and then figure out the best MBA program.

If you have prepared a list, purchase the Basic Profile Evaluation where we analyze your chances for the shortlisted program.

If you want us to dig deeper and find the MBA programs that match your post-MBA goals, purchase our Detailed Profile Evaluation.

For the Basic Profile evaluation, we prepare Questions that are specifically targeted for the shortlisted programs.

We don't make any guesses. The answers that you give and the resume that you share are our only reference material.

Our evaluation is fast (24-hour turnaround time), and with our guidance, you will know what to do next.

"Choose our 10 years of experience in MBA Admissions Consulting and secure your future"

Basic Profile Evaluation ($149)