Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide (2018 Entering Class)

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Yale SOM MBA Essay: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

If you don't know how to approach the commitment essay, we have created a 3-step process to create an engaging narrative.

If you are looking for Sample Essays, the Essay Guide includes 500-word Sample Essays for five profiles:

Profile 1: Investment Banking (IB)
An applicant used commitment to teaching and the bigger picture in investment banking as a driving force in finding the value for the client.

Profile 2: Consulting
An applicant, a career switcher from technology, used a start-up consulting experience as a driving force in pursuing a career in Management Consulting.

Profile 3: Technology
The applicant used continuous learning and a big setback as an example of his commitment.

Profile 4: Marketing
The applicant used the fickleness of trends & markets as a learning lesson on committing to his value

Profile 5: Entrepreneurship
The applicant uses a chance encounter in a Doctor's waiting room as an inspiration for his $10 million start-up

If your essay looks too bland, Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide will demonstrate how to use storytelling to create an engaging narrative.

We show how to use emotional connectors, use journey narration, and struggles to connect with the reviewer.

We also demonstrate the power of Active Verbs, Vividness, and Chronology to keep the reader on edge.

If you are facing a writer's block or don’t feel confident to write an essay
,  Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide will give you tips on silencing the analytical mind.

If you feel that your Essays are not persuasive
, Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide will teach you how to use the W-Pattern narrative, Contexts, Turning Points, and "The Show Don't Tell Approach" to write a Winning MBA Essay.

If you don't have enough leadership experience
, Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide includes tips on highlighting secondary leadership traits like Listening Skills, Personal Responsibility, and Self-awareness to prove your potential.

If you don't know how to review your essays
, Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide includes an exhaustive list of Editing and Reviewing tips, with special emphasis on removing review biases.

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"Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide is a practical book with storytelling techniques, sample essays and insider secrets on capturing the attention of the admission team. I improvised on the techniques offered in the book and found a unique voice. " - Verified Purchase (3rd August 2017)

"As an applicant applying for Round 1, I found the tips and tricks in the essay guide to be very valuable. They are also written in an engaging way, with sample essays, research behind attention and with anecdotes on how essay reviewers think. " - Verified Purchase (5th August 2017)

"I bought this book after reading F1GMAT's Essay Writing Tips and Sample Essay for Yale. The storytelling tips and Leadership traits stood out, but the many thought-provoking observations on MBA Admissions gave me excellent ideas on writing my Essays. " - Verified Purchase (12th August 2017)