2020 Comprehensive MBA Research Guide

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F1GMAT's Comprehensive MBA Research Guide will teach you how to select MBA programs through a bottom-up approach, supported by Data.

Which program places the most candidates in Consulting?
Which program has an unusual Technology placement?
Which program has shown steady growth in base salary?
Which program is ideal if you are from the Energy industry?
Which program is good for career switchers?
Which post-MBA functions have saturated?
Which post-MBA function has shown resurgence?

We cover them all through our extensive analysis.

COVID Recession: Post MBA Industry Outlook    4
Stanford MBA - Salary by Industry    9
Stanford MBA - Salary by Function    11
2016 vs. 2019 – Stanford MBA Salary Growth    12
Harvard MBA - Salary by Industry    14
Harvard MBA - Salary by Function    15
2016 vs. 2019 – Harvard MBA Salary Growth    16
Wharton MBA – Salary by Industry    17
Wharton MBA – Salary by Function    18
2016 vs. 2019 – Wharton MBA Salary Growth    19
Columbia MBA – Salary by Industry    20
Columbia MBA – Salary by Function    21
2016 vs. 2019 – Columbia MBA Salary Growth    22
Chicago Booth MBA – Salary by Industry    23
Chicago Booth MBA – Salary by Function    24
2016 vs. 2019 – Chicago Booth MBA Salary Growth    25
Yale SOM MBA – Salary by Industry    26
Yale SOM MBA – Salary by Function    27
2016 vs. 2019 – Yale SOM MBA Salary Growth    27
Haas MBA – Salary by Industry    29
Haas MBA – Salary by Function    29
2016 vs. 2019 – Haas MBA Salary Growth    30
MIT Sloan MBA – Salary by Industry    31
MIT Sloan MBA – Salary by Function    32
2016 vs. 2019 – MIT Sloan MBA Salary Growth    33
Tuck MBA – Salary by Industry    34
Tuck MBA – Salary by Function    35
2016 vs. 2019 – Tuck MBA Salary Growth    35
Kellogg MBA – Salary by Industry    37
Kellogg MBA – Salary by Function    37
2016 vs. 2019 – Kellogg MBA Salary Growth    38
NYU Stern MBA – Salary by Industry    39
NYU Stern MBA – Salary by Function    39
2016 vs. 2019 – NYU Stern MBA Salary Growth    40
Darden MBA – Salary by Industry    41
Darden MBA – Salary by Function    42
2016 vs. 2019 – Darden MBA Salary Growth    43
Duke Fuqua MBA – Salary by Industry    44
Duke Fuqua MBA – Salary by Function    45
2016 vs. 2019 – Duke Fuqua MBA Salary Growth    46
Michigan Ross MBA – Salary by Industry    47
Michigan Ross MBA – Salary by Function    49
2016 vs. 2019 – Michigan Ross MBA Salary Growth    50
Cornell MBA – Salary by Industry    51
2016 vs. 2019 – Cornell MBA Salary Growth    52
UCLA Anderson MBA – Salary by Industry    53
UCLA Anderson MBA – Salary by Function    54
2016 vs. 2018 – UCLA Anderson MBA Salary Growth    54
McCombs MBA – Salary by Industry    55
McCombs MBA – Salary by Function    56
2016 vs. 2019 – McCombs MBA Salary Growth    57

+ Germany: Industry Trends, Post MBA Jobs and Salaries (2020)
  • Manufacturing  
  • IoT and IIOT   
  • Technology   
  • FinTech   
  • Management Consulting   
  • Post-MBA industries (German Top Schools)   

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Comprehensive MBA Research Guide: Includes Top MBA Programs by 19 Specializations (From the Archive)
+ General Management
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+ Top MBA Program Ranking
Top 20 MBA Programs - Tuition Fee
Top 31 MBA Programs in United States – Total Cost & Salary

Top 60 MBA – GMAT and GPA (Average & Median)
Top 20 European MBA Programs - Tuition Fee, Total Cost & Salary   
Top 20 European MBA Programs (Based on Actual Salary Increase)   
Top 20 European MBA Programs (Short-term return on investment)   
Top 20 Affordable European MBA Programs   
Top 10 MBA in UK – Salary & Fee
Top MBA Destinations Based on Happiness Index   
Top MBA Destinations based on Innovation Index   
Top 10 MBA Job Markets based on Cost of living and Purchasing Power   
Top MBA Destination: By Economy   

+ How to Choose the Best MBA Program: Factors to Consider
Define Post-MBA Goals
Pick your Path: Generalize or Specialize
Use Moral Algebra Method
Use Multi-Attribute Utility Theory
Understand the Top 5 Risks
Measure MBA Career Service Team's Effectiveness
Use Bookending to Calculate MBA Admission Chance
Use Net Present Value to Calculate MBA Return on Investment
Don't Fall for the Mere Exposure Effect
Best Practices to find the truth in MBA Information Session or MBA Tour

Comparisons - Top MBA Programs (2018)
(From the Archive)
Harvard vs. Stanford MBA
Wharton vs. Columbia MBA 
MIT vs. Stanford MBA
Haas vs. Ross MBA 
Kellogg vs Ross MBA   
Booth vs Wharton MBA   
MIT Sloan vs Tuck MBA  

IIMA vs. ISB   

+ MBA in the US

Analysis of Top Industries in the US (2017) (From the Archive)

1.  Aerospace
2.  Agriculture
3.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)
4.  Automobile
5.  Clean Tech
6.  Education
7.  Energy
8.  Fashion
9.  Financial Services
10.  Insurance
11.  FinTech
12.  Government
13.  Healthcare
14.  Life Sciences
15.  Military
16.  Manufacturing
17.  Maritime
18.  Media/Advertising
19.  Technology
20.  Tourism
21.  Trade
22.  Transportation and Logistics
23.  Virtual Reality (VR) and
24.  Augmented Reality (AR)

Curriculum Analysis, Class Profile, Cost and Salary of Top 31 MBA Programs (2017) (From the Archive)

1. Stanford Graduate School of Business
2. Harvard Business School
3. NYU Stern School of Business
4. Darden School of Business
5. Yale School of Management
6. Johnson Graduate School of Business
7. Columbia Business School
8. MIT Sloan School of Management
9. University of Chicago Booth School of Business
10. Fuqua School of Business
11. Haas School of Business
12. Wharton Business School
13. Kellogg School of Management
14. Ross School of Business
15. Tepper School of Business
16. McDonough School of Business
17. McCombs School of Business
18. Foster School of Business
19. UCLA Anderson School of Management
20. Jones Graduate School of Business
21. USC Marshall School of Business
22. UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School
23. Kelley School of Business
24. Carlson School of Management
25. Mendoza College of Business
26. BU Questrom School of Business
27. Broad College of Business
28. Smith School of Business
29. Smeal College of Business
30. UC Davis Graduate School of Business
31. Paul Merage School of Business

+ MBA in the UK (2018) (From the Archive)
Top Industries in the UK   
Top MBA Programs in the UK

  Class Profile   
  Post-MBA Salary

Scholarships in the UK
External Funding 

New Visa Rules: Post-Brexit

+ MBA in France (2018) (From the Archive)
Top Industries in France   

Top MBA Programs in France  

  • Location   
  • Ranking   
  • Class Profile   
  • Cost   
  • Curriculum   
  • Post-MBA Salary  

Scholarships in France   

External Funding in France


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